Philosophical Therapy

Philosophical therapy is a form of therapy in which the therapist and the client collaborate to explore a topic of interest to the client. Each exploration is unique.

Importantly, philosophical therapy differs substantially from psychotherapy and its relatives. Mental health professionals diagnose and treat mental illness, and a diagnosis is required to collect payments through insurance. In philosophical therapy, the therapist does not diagnose or treat mental illness, but instead collaborates with a client with respect to a topic of interest. One is not a replacement for the other. If someone is mentally ill, by all means one should visit a mental health professional. Otherwise, please consider discussing the challenges of life with a philosophical therapist.

An example is available in the context of griefGrief
The following case study in grief is reported here in the form of a dialogue…

Stoic Therapy

Stoic therapy is a particular form of philosophical therapy in which formal reason (deductive logic) is used to help achieve self-improvement. Stoicism is a practical philosophy of life that is derived purely from formal reason.

As an example, a common theme of Stoic literature is that we should strive to live according to nature, which means that our desires or will should be consistent with our understanding of nature. Otherwise, a person suffers when their will contradicts their understanding of things, such as when one is sad that something happened while wishing that it did not happen.

Above all, Stoic therapy is conducted with the utmost care, concern, and respect.

Mission Statement

The mission of Stoic TherapyLogo
Affordable Stoic therapy is provided. Why Stoicism? Because it is the pursuit of good judgment…
is to help others to flourish and achieve self-improvement, to do so like a conversation between friends rather than a clinical experience, and always with care, concern, and respect.

In short, I aim to have been a dignified participant in it all, and to have made the world a better place than when I found it.

Ron Hall, M.A.

Ron Hall

Stoic Therapist

Ron Hall pets Ellie Rose

My steady consumption of philosophical literature began in 1993. After graduating with my M.A. in Communication, I had a prosperous career in mathematical statistics. Along the way, I progressed from being a senior statistician to a vice president of analytics, an officer at one of our largest financial institutions.

Through the years, I continued to learn more about mathematics, statistics, and logic, and studied philosophy on the side as a hobby. Despite my blossoming career as a statistician, I questioned if I was content to conduct analytics to the profit of corporate giants, without helping people. This, along with my years of philosophical pursuits, led me to the realization that Stoic logic may be used to help others; Analytic philosophy is useful.

I have been writing a technical book for a few years now that announces that Stoicism is a logical philosophyAnalytic Logic
Modern scholars misinterpret Stoicism as a moral philosophy, as predominantly about its ethics, virtue, or passions…
. However, it is a slow-going pursuit due to the technical nature of the material, and I am being thorough with it rather than rushing toward publication.

Putting it all together, I have a long history with communication, philosophy, logic, and analytics in general; more importantly, I am down to earth, easy to talk to, and enjoy using analytical skills to help others live according to reason.


  • ⊢ American Counseling Association (ACA), professional member
  • ⊢ American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA), affiliate member (View my Profile)
  • ⊢ Master of Arts (MA) in Communication

Claim to Fame

I am the first philosophical therapist in Connecticut. When Stoic TherapyLogo
Affordable Stoic therapy is provided. Why Stoicism? Because it is the pursuit of good judgment…
was founded in 2019, I was the first affiliate member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA) in CT, and I was unable to find any practitioners via the Internet. I am honored to bring philosophical therapy to CT.

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