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The difference between philosophical therapy and life coaching, as I see it, is that a life coach advocates action and a philosophical therapist refrains from advocating action. Life coaching is prescriptive, and Stoic therapy is descriptive. My emphasis is on using reason to explore a topic with a client. I help clients traverse difficult terrain so that they can make the better decision for themselves.

Stoic therapy, more specifically, uses formal reason (deductive logic) as the sole guide to better judgment and is, consequently, more credible.

Mental Health

Stoic therapy is completely distinct from any form of mental health counseling. Mental health professionals diagnose and treat mental illness. I am not a licensed professional counselor, and I neither diagnose nor treat mental illness. Instead, I use formal reason to foster good judgment in a client with respect to a topic. Where the mental health industry is concerned with mental illness, I am concerned only with logic and therefore judgment. And where mental health counseling is prescriptive, my practice is descriptive. One is not a replacement for the other. If a client is mentally ill, by all means the client should visit a mental health professional. Otherwise, please consider discussing the challenges of life with a philosophical therapist.


Philosophy is literally the love of wisdom. To study philosophy, then, is to pursue wisdom. Wisdom is equivalent to reason, because it is impossible to be both wise and unreasonable. Therefore, philosophy is the pursuit of reason. Formal reason is analytic logic. Hence, analytic logicAnalytic Logic
Analytic logic is a class of logic that differs substantially from mathematical logic. With few exceptions, most modern logic is mathematical logic…
is the tool used here to study and apply reason. Finally, the tangible part of reason is good judgment, and so philosophy is defined here as the pursuit of good judgment.


One of your most important considerations is credibility.

To aid you in that consideration, I use only the most credible method available: deductive logic. The beauty of it is that premises are specified rather than assumed, and so everything concluded may be scrutinized easily. For more on this, see this blog article — The Scandal of ScienceAnalytic Logic
The philosopher C. D. Broad (1887 – 1971) famously said that induction is the glory of science and the scandal of philosophy. This article briefly explores induction as the scandal of science, and its implications for counseling…
— in which induction is isolated as the pillar of pseudoscience. Anything but deductive logic includes circular reasoning, and that is not the kind of counsel I recommend.

As for myself, I have an advanced degree and many years of experience in analytics. I am an expert in applying logic to life, which often surprises people, but only at first. In short, the method is the most trustworthy in existence, and I specialize in it. As long as I can demonstrate value for you with it, and do so clearly and plainly, together these are the bastions of credibility.

What You May Expect

You may expect that we will spend the session talking about your topic of interest. Although I use deductive logic, you may not know it to talk with me, but if you have questions I am always glad to explain it, and even demonstrate it on my chalkboard.

You may expect me to be down to earth and easy to talk to, but you may also expect that everything I do is goal-oriented; together we have been tasked to accomplish a goal for you with a specific topic, and I aim to please. You may expect that I have a particular method to achieve our goal, and that I am always willing to take a step back and discuss the method, as well as where it is going and why it is going there.

During each session, you will have my full attention. I do not take notes in front of you, though I do jot down notes between sessions.

Above all, you may expect to be treated with dignity and kindness.

Why Logic

Stoic Therapy specializes in analytic logicAnalytic Logic
Analytic logic is a class of logic that differs substantially from mathematical logic. With few exceptions, most modern logic is mathematical logic…
because it is the most credible tool available, because anything else is quite literally unreasonable, and because reason benefits.

For a brief and better explanation of why logic is used, see the following blog article: Why Logic?Why Logic?
Why would someone want to talk with a philosophical therapist who specializes in logic. Why logic? An ancient philosopher named Epictetus answered the same question…

All of the important aspects of life may be pursued with analytic logic, including meaningMeaning
When you consider the meaning of it all, the meaning of life, the meaning of your life, the meaning of someone else to you, and other important topics of meaning, the answers you come up with may have profound impacts…
, purposePurpose
Having a clear sense of purpose is one of the best benefits of living. Anyone with a clear sense of purpose is a stranger to persistent boredom, burnout, emptiness, confusion, and lack of direction and motivation…
, and peace of mind. One of the best benefits of receiving results established purely with formal reason is that results are not based on opinion, or pseudoscience masquerading as science, and that every part of the analysis is itself easily inspected.

In short, logic is the best method you could ask for. Anything else is either most likely accidentally unreasonable, or is pursuing its own interest rather than yours.


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