Stoic Therapy

Stoic therapy is a particular form of philosophical therapy in which the pursuit of good judgment is beneficial or therapeutic.


Following are some popular topics:


The rate for Stoic therapy services is affordable for everyone, varying from $19–$96 per 50-minute session. The rate is determined by gross household income:

  • Income: $74168
  • Rate: $74

This sliding scale allows everyone to have access. Prices are the same for individuals and couples.

Referral Rewards

One session is provided for free, for each referred individual who is new and completes one session. For example, if you recommend Stoic TherapyLogo
Affordable Stoic therapy is provided. Why Stoicism? Because it is the pursuit of good judgment…
to four friends who all complete one session, you receive four free sessions.


Payment is due in advance of each session.

Accepted methods include cash, Google Pay, and Venmo.

Google Pay

On Google Pay, please search for: (860) 960-6711 .


On Venmo, please search for @stoictherapy.

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Please read and fill out the

    Client Services Agreement

after the free consultation.

This document asks about the self-improvement goal of philosophical therapy, and we typically talk about this during the free consultation.


Each appointment lasts 50 minutes.


Office appointments are most common. If you arrive early, please wait out front.

Online Therapy

If you are not near Farmington, CT, consider online therapy with texting or video chat such as Duo or Skype. Online therapy is also called distance therapy or e-therapy. Find more on these below.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

As a courtesy and to prevent billing, please provide at least 24 hours notice before canceling an appointment. Any session may be rescheduled twice with at least 24 hours notice.

Video Chat

Stoic therapy is available with video chat, such as with Duo or Skype. Online therapy is best when it is impossible to meet in the office. With Skype, video is optional, but recommended to facilitate communication so that we may each benefit from the additional information of visual cues, such as facial expressions. I am also available with Google Duo.

If this sounds interesting but you have never before had a video chat, you may freely install Duo or Skype as an app on your mobile phone.

I can be reached on Duo or Skype with my phone number, so please call Ron at (860) 960-6711 for a free consultation.

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Text therapy is available as a method of online therapy. The main advantage of texting is that distance is no longer a factor, and that speaking is not required. This allows someone who is too busy to block out time for a session, who is unable to have a private hour during the day — such as during work hours — to be able to text with a therapist without peers hearing the conversation.

Another advantage of texting is that the conversation is easily reviewed. This is especially useful here, given that deductive reasoning is used. You may review a comment and perhaps how it was derived, or ask later about what supported it.

A disadvantage of texting is that less communication occurs in each session, because it takes longer to text than speak, and because there are no auditory or visual cues to accompany the message, such as facial expressions or the sound of a voice. The absence of audio and visual cues may result in a less personable experience, and miscommunication may occur more easily. The same sentence may be interpreted differently, depending on the presence or absence of these contextual cues.

If you prefer texting, please send a SMS text to Ron at (860) 960-6711 for a free consultation.

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Speaking Engagements

Having taught COMS 100 at a university, I am quite comfortable speaking publicly. Would you like me to speak as a guest at your club, event, church, hospital, or retreat? I enjoy traveling and connecting with others.

My specialty is helping others understand that reason benefits, and that improving your judgment improves your life. I encourage the cultivation of reason by adopting a philosophy of life. This leads to everything good, including meaning, purpose, and peace of mind.

Please call Ron at (860) 960-6711 for more information.


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